Radiation, Jelly, and a refreshed web site!

I like the new site – it’s so pretty

thecycoone – 05/08/2021

CorsixTH.com has now been moved over to TheCycoONE’s hands; and fellow GitHub user rmnvgr has assisted in giving it a well-deserved revamp.
(You probably came from that site to here actually… but anyway: obligatory preview!)

The main web site has now ditched the days of running through WordPress and now hosts a purely static site. You can even view its source code, if you like, here. rmnvgr has even been nice enough to make a new video of sample footage to show off on the page, very slick.

Serious Radiation & Jellyitis

Fellow open-source enthusiast and friend of TheCycoONE, flackr has been assisting in getting the visual effects for our last two unfinished diseases into the game: Serious Radiation and Jellyitis. You can now glow and wobble to your heart’s content! There’s still some cleaning up to do, but we’re hoping this’ll be a loved new feature for 0.66.

Serious Radiation Preview
Jellyitis Preview

Direct Zoom improvements

flackr’s also been working on making Direct Zoom better since the debut in 0.65. Anomalies from the experimental 0.65 release are all gone and should make great improvements for 0.66.

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