Just say ‘OK’

Following on from release 0.66, work on development for 0.67 is in full swing. I’ve recently been working on some UI changes for the game — and have finally implemented the request mentioned in three(!) separate issues: an OK button for our file browsers. So here it is, in all its OK glory

Yes! There it is.

The OK button was actually more challenging to develop than it would first seem. Nonetheless, we have it and it’ll be saying ‘OK’ to you in 0.67!

Preparing for Community Content

CorsixTH always set out to let the community design their own level configurations, maps, and campaigns. We’re now one step closer to this with the introduction of the Community Content repository. It’s still currently being cleaned up around the edges but hopefully a proper launch of this project launches soon. A special thanks to a new developer on the block @Silpho for updating the Map Editor wiki page with relevant imagery and instructions.

More code work

Development also continues in making the overall game code work better. Thanks again to @Alberth289346 for always encouraging the best practices in code and keeping it accessible for others.

And as a reminder, for anybody interested in helping to the overall CorsixTH project, you can check out our Good First Issues here for something to work on (Hacktoberfest is coming up soon after all!)


  • Hi, lewri!
    My wife is crazy about Theam Hospital game! Some time ago I show her CorsixTH, so now she only plays this game.
    At home it is Windows version, and Linux-version at the computer in our countryside house. Thank you so much for your work!
    She asks can you make different design of save- and load-game screens? Both menu items are located very close to each other, so the player sometimes mistakenly chooses the wrong item and cannot immediately notice it, since the screens are very similar. Even adding two icons “Save” and “Load” of different colors will be enough.
    Thank you again!

    • lewri says:

      Sorry for the long wait in response! I’ll make a feature request for you regarding those windows in the repository 🙂

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