Working in the back

You could be mistaken for thinking the project may have become a little quiet lately. Admittedly, not too much has been happening on the visual level of CorsixTH. However, long-time developer Alberth289346 has been working hard on getting code freshened up in the background. Other developers (myself included) have been also working on some back-end code that won’t be visually noticeable to the end user.

Choosing your next step in the action queue

The action queue in CorsixTH consists of many complex functions to make humanoids in the game do stuff. Unfortunately, it’s not the most straightforward part of the codebase and definitely needs some TLC. Alberth has been working hard on making sense of all of this, and we thank him greatly for taking on such a task. Perhaps one day, people can fall over without mass panic eh?

Developers anew

Two new Corsixians have appeared recently to assist in some work on CorsixTH. Thanks are given to to Tomracer and RetroGamerFan for their first contributions to the project.

And as a reminder, for anybody interested in helping to the overall CorsixTH project, you can check out our Good First Issues here for something to work on.

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  • Andrew THiago says:


    I guess i found this remake of the TH game some years ago and i have no ideia how. Maybe i was mining some content on internet about the it. You just cannot find this site that easily if you’re not being very specific though.

    I remember i started to play TH when i was just a kid in 2006 or so when my parents bought me my first console which was the Ps1 of course.

    Here in Brasil in my city we had some street vendos in some small tents seeling all kinds of PSI and PS2 games you could ever imagine. All pirate versions. You couldn’t barely see the guy who was seeling it cause the tents was flooded with cd’s and such all over it. What a nostalgia, man.

    Were in one of these days i got Theme hospital i guess. I used to play it with my mom and we had a lotta fun. To be honest, i never managed to beat this game and for me it always looks brand new.

    Well, after PS3 came out, people managed to hack the system, so you could ask to someone to just install all the games in a external HD and you would be go to go. So all that magic of going downtown just to buy all those games were fading away. Internet started to be a part of my life whether going to cyber cafe’s or using the very poor internet connection in my house. Things changed.

    I know you shouldn’t be reading all of that just because of a game, but this one also represents a big part of my life. It’s a pure nostalgia and crazy mix of feelings. Today we have Two point’s hospital but it cannot get at same level. It’s not that rushed and fun like this one use to be.

    Unfortunatelly, most of the games nowadays are all about money and alpha state and bla bla bla, i miss the old days. Thank God we can still play those old ones.

    So thank you for doing all that which i’m sure you guys did just for passion. Your product is a gem hidden in that sea we call WWW. Thank you

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